Virginia Voices International

Connie Maxwell Children's Home ~ Greenwood, SC

July 2007


     We were invited to participate in the home's Bible School using music as our major means to connect with children of all ages.  Every morning as Bible stories were told and games played,  it was the faces of the younger children that lit-up with the opportunity to hitch a ride on the Gospel Train.  In the evenings, the
older children that worked during the day would gather around for Bible teaching, fellowship, and music.
      When we were not working directly with the children, the men assisted with cleaning the picnic area and a path  through the woods for a future road.  All the while, the women helped the children's home complete a major  mailing project.  Even though our mission was to the children, as we traveled to and from our destination God  used us to spread His word to His people as we sang in Cracker Barrel, Ryan's Steak House and Applebee's.

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