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Guatemala, 2012

    When Jesus taught about His Kingdom, He often used stories comparing the spread of His message to a farmer Planting, caring for and harvesting his crop.  In keeping with  picture, many groups planning mission trips think in terms of sowing and reaping. But between those tasks, there also is a need for cultivation – strengthening  and encouraging growth. That became the primary focus for the 29 choir members who traveled to Guatemala in July of 2012.

      In addition to performing in various churches, the group had opportunity to sing and present the gospel at a secular university, and also to sing and present training workshops at local seminaries (Seminario Teologico Centroamericano and the Alfredo Colom Music School associated with the Baptist Seminary).  While in Guatemala, Virginia Voices partnered with the Celebration Orchestra, led by Camp Kirkland, for two concerts.

     Under the leadership of Global Mission Project, the choir was honored to sing on Guatemalan television for about 11 million viewers (Canal27), and also to minister in partnership with various Guatemalan ministries including an orphanage (Casa Bernabe), and another organization reaching out to people who live and work in the city dump (Potter’s House). We performed an outdoor concert to support a ministry with outreaches in Guatemala City and in various villages throughout the nation (Centro Cultural Cristiano). At the end of the week, we had opportunity to encourage a group using classical music to engage at-risk inner city youth in positive, life-giving activities (Coro Filarmonico).     Revelation 7 gives a picture of people of every ethnicity and language, worshiping together in heaven. Virginia Voices glimpsed this reality, working and worshiping with our Guatemalan brothers and sisters, at one point even singing “It Is Well With My Soul” in English, while our host congregation sang the same hymn in  Revelation 7 gives a picture of people of every ethnicity and language, worshiping together in heaven.

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