Virginia Voices International

Scotland, 2014

     The invitation for Virginia Voices to return to Scotland was intriguing and enticing.  We were told that the missionary lived in a castle where we would reside and the lodging would be free.  We would work around the castle, which was in restoration for future ministries, and prepare our own meals.  Each choir member would contribute for building and proper improvement supplies.  When we weren't working, eating or sleeping we would be singing in various venues around the countryside, to bring attention to the ministries envisioned by the missionary.
     When we finally got situated, we discovered that it wasn't really a castle, but the gracious country estate of the former Baron of Dunbartonshire, which had fallen on hard times until about 13 years ago, when missionaries Bob and Melissa Hill were given approval of their proposal and granted  a 60 year lease for one pound a year, to establish a Christain Centre for Hope and Healing, for young women in distress.  This once magnificent place called Overtoun House is envisioned to be a haven with an atmosphere of peace, hope, love and joy where broken and battered young women and children can be matured toward a bright and full future; a place where God centered answers to life challenging circumstances can be found giving hope and healing of wounded body, soul and spirit. This is the reason God sent us there.  What a blessing!
     The grande house of 46,000 square feet was built by a wealthy Christain industrialist, James White in 1864.  Let's let the below pictures prompt the comments from this point on.

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