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Ukraine, 2010

     Children everywhere need to know of God’s love.  This was our desire while visiting the Green Hill and Eagle Village Orphan Camps, the Invalid Orphanage, the Neurological and TB Health Care Centers, and the Chernobyl Orphanage Hospital.  Whether we were performing, presenting a bible lesson and bibles, face painting, polishing nails, applying water soluble tattoos, or playing soccer and volleyball with the children, our purpose was to give  to them what God so graciously has bestowed on us.  With gentle touches, tender hugs, and comforting smiles,  we saw their faces light up as we tried to touch their hearts. When they joined us in dance and song we knew their burden had been lifted if only for a short time.  We were also invited to lead the worship service in a church in Sevastopol, Yalta and Kiev. 
     During the service at Yalta Baptist church, one of our members shared his testimony as a WWII military pilot and how once sworn enemies can now stand together in the same church, worshiping the same God and loving each other as brothers in Christ.  To conclude the service, the congregation was asked to join us in singing Amazing Grace.  Two languages were united in one voice praising our God.  The Holy Spirit filled the air, Christ’s love was felt, and God’s name was praised.  Back onboard the MS Dnieper Star, the riverboat used to transport us to our five ports of call, the French and German guest had questions about this group of travelers.   
      We surprised them one evening with a concert under the stars on the aft deck.  There,  too, we proclaimed the love of God and to three ovations sang to His glory

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