Virginia Voices International

Lost in Vegas ~ Las Vegas, NV  July 2009

      This mission trip opened the eyes of our hearts to the needs of so many hungry for the manna of God's word.   After having worked side-by-side with the teachers at the evening Vacation Bible School for children and adults as well as internationals, we concluded with daily concerts. 
      During the day God opened the door for us  to perform at the secular Reed Whipple Cultural Center for Dance and the West Las Vegas Library Theater of  Performing and Visual Arts Camp for Kids where we had the opportunity to answer questions and share  Christ's impact on Virginia Voices and His enormous love for each of them.  The teachers and students of the  Theater were so taken by our music they wanted to give something back thus they performed a snippet of the  show they were rehearsing. 
      God still had a task for us to accomplish as we arrived at the Las Vegas Rescue  Mission where we worked non-stop in 105 degree heat.  After a full day of serving those less fortunate than us,  we prepared for our evening concert knowing God's work was not yet done.  The Chapel was full of those that  were required to be there and those that chose to be there.  As we began to sing, God was glorified as hearts  were softened, hands were raised, and praises were called out.  We lost count of the number of people that  came forward to rededicate their lives and profess their faith in Christ.

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